Does 22k gold plated tarnish?

According to Rong, you should be able to maintain high-quality gold-plated jewelry for up to five years with proper care. And if it starts to discolor, you can restore your favorite pieces by learning to fix the ones that tarnish or making them look like new again by plating them again. Yes, all 24-carat gold-plated jewelry will eventually tarnish. It's only a matter of time before the 24-carat gold coating tarnishes.

However, there are things you can do to slow down gold plating and keep your gold-plated jewelry in good condition for as long as possible. Gold plating is a good choice for a modern jewelry item that will only be used for a short time. Over time, the base metal molecules will transfer to the thin layer of gold, breaking it down and causing it to tarnish and erase. That's why it's important to properly care for gold-plated parts to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

If your gold-plated jewelry is adorned with precious or semiprecious stones, it's best to avoid this soaking step. Whereas gold plating can tarnish because the base layer is made of sterling silver and gold tarnishes over time, so it can be easily polished. If you want your gold jewelry to look its best, avoid getting it wet or leaving it in water for long periods of time. However, some types of gold are more resistant to tarnishing than others (such as 18 karat gold) and can last longer before they need to be cleaned or reapplied with gold plating.

No matter what type of gold jewelry you have, it's important to understand that all gold (except pure gold) will eventually tarnish. In general, if you leave gold in the water for too long, it will eventually start to take on a greenish black color. However, over time, it is still possible for the gold layer of gold-filled jewelry to wear away, exposing the base metal underneath. Gold-plated jewelry is the least expensive of the three options and is made with a very thin layer of gold attached to a base metal such as silver or copper.

However, it will take much longer than other types of gold, as 14-carat gold consists of a higher percentage of pure gold than most other types of gold jewelry, such as 10-carat or 12-carat jewelry. Moisture can contribute to the tarnishing process, but the rate at which gold tarnishes in water varies depending on the type of water and other factors. Going encourages gold-plated homeowners to avoid spraying their plated pieces or even solid gold pieces directly with perfume. If the worst has happened and the gold plating has worn out and the base metal is exposed, you can replace your jewelry.

Since gold jewelry is expensive and many people don't like silver, nowadays it's fashionable to wear gold-plated pieces. Sterling silver is also an excellent, high-quality material for gold-plated jewelry because these pieces maintain their shine and gold for longer. However, it can take a long time, depending on the quality of the gold plating and how often the part is used. Unfortunately, over time, the base metal will eventually rise to the surface, causing the metal and gold to discolor.