Can you shower with 14k gold chain?

You can wear your 14-karat gold chain and other jewelry in the shower, but this can affect its durability. While you can use them every day without worrying that chemicals or water will ruin them, this isn't a good idea for everyday use if you shower with hot water regularly. The short answer is that gold jewelry can be worn in the shower. Water doesn't damage the metal, whether you use yellow, white or rose gold pieces.

If water, sweat or any type of bad substance happens to get on your gold chain, you should try to clean it as soon as possible to prevent it from accumulating. Gold is durable, malleable enough to design intricate shapes, and pure gold doesn't react with oxygen or corrode. Soaps, conditioners, shampoos and other products can leave residues on your 10-carat gold chain, so you should clean it properly after taking a shower with it. Gold can easily be damaged by these substances and can also cause an allergic reaction in some people.

If you want to buy a gold chain, you can trust that a reputable jewelry store will answer your questions and concerns about caring for your gold chain. In addition to the good price, 10-carat gold jewelry is also harder than others because it contains a greater amount of stronger alloyed metals, so a 10-carat gold chain is less likely to be scratched than larger carat gold jewelry. The other reason to avoid showering with your watch is that it will wear out over time, especially if it is plated. However, if your jewelry is rhodium-coated, as is usually the case with most 14-carat earrings, you can safely wear it while you shower without damaging the material or causing an allergic reaction.

Because it can tarnish more quickly, 10-carat gold requires slightly more frequent cleaning than higher carats. The reason for this is that the water contains minerals and other particles that can leave small marks of water droplets on the gold chain, which must be removed by cleaning it again. Gold doesn't react to most elements and even heat will only melt it without affecting its inherent quality. That means don't use shower gels or scrubs, as they'll scratch the gold and cause it to tarnish.

Fogging is something that all owners of real gold jewelry have to deal with, but it's easier if you keep cleaning your gold chain. It's not the water itself that has all the potential to cause harm, but shower gels, colognes, natural oils, perfumes and other cleaning products used in the shower can be harmful. If you're ever unsure how to clean or care for a particular brand on your gold chain, contact a reputable jeweler.