Can 22k gold get wet?

Whether it's a gold link chain, a gold link chain, a gold rope chain, or something else, as long as it's pure solid gold, you can swim with your gold. Gold doesn't react easily to changes in temperature or pressure when combined with certain chemicals. Nor does gold corrode over time like many metals do. So if you want your chain to stay shiny for a long time, taking a shower is perfectly fine.

Pure gold is not affected by water and can get wet, although prolonged time spent plating with gold may cause the shine to diminish. However, while pure gold is resistant to chemicals, gold alloys can be damaged by harsh chemicals that could be present in water, such as chlorine. Gold plating refers to jewelry made with a very thin layer of gold that covers a base metal such as sterling silver or copper. Therefore, 18-carat gold is much less likely to stain the skin than 14 or 10 karat gold, since it is 75% pure gold and only 25% other metals.

While rose gold is actually the strongest of the three colors, salt corrodes copper very easily, so these pieces won't last long in salty conditions. So when we see 18-carat gold, this means that out of 24 parts in total, 18 are made of pure gold and the remaining 6 are made of various other metals. Moral of the story: It's generally best to keep your gold jewelry of any variety out of the ocean. If your gold chain starts to wear out and the color of the links fades quickly after a few uses, you probably won't be able to shower with them either.

Wearing solid gold, white gold or yellow gold jewelry in the shower won't damage the metal itself, however, it may reduce shine, so it's not recommended. Rose gold takes on its reddish tint because it is an alloy of gold and copper, and the rich color of copper floods gold. Pure gold is only guaranteed to remain unchanged in water, and we've already said that pure gold is too soft to use in jewelry. However, substances with which it can be cleaned may contain abrasives (for example, in a bar of soap or shower gel or in certain sponges) and these abrasives can scratch gold.

Gold is one of the most reactive elements: it doesn't combine with oxygen or dissolve in most acids. If you take a shower or a bath and a gold jewel falls off your body, for example, if a ring falls off your finger or a loose bracelet falls off your body, you can easily recover the item.